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Short Hair

There are plenty options to style your short hair. The benefit of wearing your hair short is that you could get ready in a zap, also its easier to manage and to care, plus you'll save a lot of money in hair care products as you will only need a small amount. To look your most attractive, decide on a short hair style that is suitable for your face shape. You could style your short hair with pretty hair clip or headband, it will instantly change your hair appearance. Colorful clip or diamante for formal occasion add an instant glamor.

Short hair has a charm of its own, that is enough to dazzle onlookers and look exquisite. Some of the most beautiful women wear her hair short and still look feminine and stylish everytime, during formal occasion or casual ones, take a look at Halle Berry, Ema Watson and Judi Dench for example.

The most basic short hair styles are pixie cut, short bob hair styles, and short wavy or curly hair. With pixie cut, your short hair can be managed with comb, tidy and simple or use your hand as comb with hair gel to be more funky. But keep in mind it is ideal to keep your short hair simple at a formal event. If your hair is slightly longer, than you can choose short bob hair styles. Start with simple bob, then you can take places with straight layered short bob hair style, an inverted short bob hair style, choppy bob hairstyles, or give it some curl at it ends.

Women with short curly hair, can brush up your short hair on the sides after using a hair gel or mousse. Use some anti frizz spray to ensure that your naturally unruly short and curly hair is managed well. Short hair gives you simplicity and dynamic look. If you want to know what short hair type is ths most suitable hairstyle for you, scroll down below these short hair pictures below to read the tips of choosing the best short hair styles.

Short Hair Pictures

Short Hair Picture
Short Hair
Layered Short Hair
Layered Short Hair
Halle Berry Short Hair
Halle Berry Short Hair
Emma Watson Short Hair Pixie Cut
Emma Watson Short Hair Pixie Cut
Judi Dench Short Hair
Judi Dench Short Hair
- If you have an oval or elongated face, the best thing that you can do with your hair is to emphasize its fullness and body. You can try uniform layers at the top, sides, and back of your hair for a full-bodied hairstyle. Even if the hair is blown by the wind, it does not mater because the hair style is naturally messy. This is perfect if you have tight and small curls.

- You can also try a formal do with your short curly hair. You can copy Marilyn Monroes hairstyle, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her hair is short and curly but it looks sexy and sleek because of the style. You can apply hair mousse or gel on your hair to be able to manage it well. This is perfect for girls who have wavy hair or big curls. You can wear this hairdo if you are going to a formal event like a ball or corporate function.

- You can also try a bob cut if you have loose curls. Bob is usually associated with straight hair. But you can also do this if you have curly hair. You can add layers for shape and volume and make it even more funky and stylish.

- If you have thick hair, you can also do layering all throughout. The layering will make the hair frame your face, leaving the body and volume at the upper part of your head. This hairstyle is stylish and fun, perfect for girls who often attend both casual and formal events.

- For women with large waves, you can have your locks cut in a funky and sleek style. The edges of your hair at the back and sides are cut into wispy style and your bangs are swept on one side. This look may be appropriate for teenagers or young adults. It is edgy and looks very cool and trendy.

Very Short Hairstyles for Thick and Fine Hair

Very short hair styles suggest not only strength and power but also fun and excitement. Women who have long hair are usually seen as traditional and more conservative. They are regarded as damsels in distress who need their knight in shining armor to save them. On the other hand, short-haired girls are independent and free-spirited. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, which is the main reason behind their success.

Here are some great ideas for very short hairstyles for thick and fine hair that you can try.

- You can go for an ultra short hairstyle that looks a little messy. The hair is cropped very short and messed up slightly at the top. This is perfect for women who do not have time to style or even comb their hair. Moms and corporate women will greatly benefits from a very short hair that does not require high maintenance.

- You can also try a very short hairstyle with thick bangs that fall just above your eye. Demi Moores hair in the movie ghost is one perfect example of this hairstyle. It is a very short bob that looks cute and somewhat pixie-ish. If you want to style it a little differently, you can cut your bangs a little bit longer and sweep it on one side. This is very popular these days. Bangs that are meant to be swept on the side usually fall just a little below your eyebrows.

- Another great very short hairstyle especially for girls with thick hair is layering. You can have the back side of your hair cropped and layered very short and have longer hair at the top and for your bangs. This is perfect for women with an oval or elongated face.

- If you have wavy hair, you can also wear very short hairstyle. Just have your hair cut in a very short bob and part your hair in one side. Leave a few tendrils to frame one side of your face while put the hair behind your ears on the other side.

These are some very short hairstyles for thick and fine hair that you can try with your own hair. Choose the one the best suits your personality and your lifestyle.

For you who don't like short hairstyles and prefer the long hairstyles, check out my other post titled the beauty of long hairstyles.

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