Friday, July 29, 2011

I Love You

I love you. The 3 magical, ever important words. They say action speaks louder than words, but no matter how wonderful a lover you might be, if you never or rarely say I love you to your partner I’m sure he/she will not be happy about it. So,  have you ever say "I love you" to someone special? Try to be more creative. Say it with pictures, put them on Facebook wall, on fridge, on her/his room door, on emails, on a teddy bear, little presents, and the love of your live would really feel loved and cherished. There are a lot of pictures that include “ I love you “ you may grab on the internet, or better still, why not make it yourself ? After all, custom made is always more special.

A study showed that some people who say and receive these three words, which is -I LOVE YOU- is happier that that never do or less do. Study also showed that young women want to hear the magic words. They want romance in their lives. Since the women of today now look for that, the men who don't fight past their discomfort may find themselves out in the cold, maybe wondering why.

In my family we all say "I love you" a lot. While it is true that we often say the words without having a great depth of feeling at that moment, it is almost like a blessing we give each other. Recently, my husband must be away from us to work for a long time and I was glad that I always tell him that -I LOVE YOU-.

Those three little words carry a world of meaning, even when said as a greeting, but most especially if they are the last words we say to or hear from those we love. Show your love to your parents and lovers and let them know you love them at any place, any time. Don't mean it.

delicious i love you bread
I love you snack
I love you pillow present
I love you pillow present
I love you Teddy Bear present
I love you Teddy Bear present
I love you chocolate gift
I love you chocolate gift

I Love You picture
I Love You

I love you on hands written in fingers
I love you on hands
For you who lives in Malaysia, there is a jelly cake maker at who creates themed jelly cakes. Just like below examples:
jelly cake i love you picture
jelly cake i love you picture

Here are some useful ways to show her your love without saying it. Remember that sometimes you should tell her "I Love you" but make this in some special moments.

Surprise her every day with something that she does not even thought that you would do for her. For example, after a night spend together, wake up earlier make her coffee so it is ready when she gets up and take it with her breakfast at bed. This is definitely a good start for a great day.

Give her a soft kiss before you go to work and show her that even at work you are thinking at her and the time spent together by leaving her messages on her voice mail with a silly, romantic poem.

Make everyday special. Spend quality time with the one you love, cook her favorite meal, place love notes in her lunch and don't forget to compliment her sometimes, tell her that she looks amazing like in the day you met.

Get off work early and surprise her with a dozen of roses and dinner just to show how much you love her. Prepare a special evening with a candle-lit dinner. What can be more wonderful than wine and dine under the romantic glow of a thousand candles?

Give her roses for no reasons at all. Deliver flowers with a special note attached "I Love you". However, never forget anniversary and birthday.

In addition, you may offer her a special evening by making her a relaxing massage, rent a romantic movie, or create a romantic atmosphere by dancing in two on a slow music, your favorite one, and whisper "I Love you" in her ear.

Every day you have to make some new things in order to keep your love alive, and your partner not to feel bored with you. Therefore, you always should try impressing her and making her feel good with you.

For example, spend a night outside under the stars and talk about your first date, the other day prepare all the things and take her to a picnic, or plan a swim for two at the pool.

You have many possibilities to show your love for her but do not forget that sometimes it is good to hear that three words "I Love you".

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