Picture insights is about pictures. Pictures that give me insights, and the pictures I'd love to see. Some pictures on this blog will give you examples, some just good to see it, and the others are pictures that I like the most.

I write for this blog not so often, and not on regularly basis. I just wrote when I get insights from some public pictures on the internet. If I am interesting enough about the pictures, then I put some research and write an article about them. So, in this blog you’ll only see the pictures that insights, at least for me.

If you want to contact me you can send me an email to this mail address, I will response to all incoming mails. You can email me about anything, but you must understand that I don’t read email so often, I just read my email when I logged in to manage my blog, viewing stats and my other blogging activities so probably you will not get my response right away.